Modified input list

I began writing a tool to communicate my batteries to an external spreadsheet. Some devices which show as having batteries, don't. I'd like to make a sort of blacklist.

How can I change this:
input "battdevs", "capability.battery", title: "Select devices", submitOnChange: true, multiple: true

To not include a short list? I was thinking of hand editing into my app the names or the 2-3 devices I don't want to ever show. I checked all the example but they flew over my head. Can someone point me where to read or write me a demo line of how to exclude from the array the list built?

What devices are these? Are they using custom drivers? If so, just comment out the Battery capability in the driver. Although it does seem a bit odd that these devices have the battery capability implemented in their driver, if they do not in fact use batteries?

Why exclude a “short list” of “bad players”, instead of simply just not selecting those devices from the selection list?

Hi @ogiewon - as always thanks for your time.

for an example, @bptworld created Averaging Plus - which I use to avg my temp sensors throughout the house as my baseline. He needs the capability for battery in his virtual driver so in case users use his app for battery averaging as he just moments ago explained to me.
Another example given is Owntracks. Because it reports the Cell phone battery, I have 3 devices for differing locations I may be at, which result in differing triggers in my rules.

The app I'm working on is a battery info product that writes externally to a google spreadsheet. a 1 minute video of the mobile app I wrote is here:

Also - no idea if anyone outside me can see this but heres the web version:[]&row=D745&sort=[{"Column"%3A"Device+Name"%2C"Order"%3A"Ascending"}]&table=Sheet1&view=Sheet1_Detail


Really neat. Can you also calculate/display past battery lifespan? E.g., I use a Sheet to track my battery replacement dates, and I identified devices that burn through their batteries quicker than others.

In a way it's already there using last batt change date. The idea here wasn't historic data but to assist in what I need to have in hand if a battery fails and needs replaced. ie; model, type etc. As this evolves I'll keep your thought in my future ideas list.
I will note that my newest version tracks qty of batteries, model (in pick list) and manufacturer - but I'm focusing now on the HE side which is the hard part for me since groovy ain't my thing.

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One of the reasons I started tracking last battery change date was I thought the Quirky Trippers I had were going through batteries fast. And the sheet data showed me they were. So if you ever get to adding this as a feature, somehow showing the last N battery lifetimes would be good.

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