Modes not switching correctly

So i have a few modes set-up, just doing very basic stuff (lights off/on etc).

I have a Night mode which switches on at 23:30 and a Day mode starting at 06:30

However, there are two odd things happening;

1 - when i look at the Events, the mode to "Day" seems to be changing at midnight, not 06:30, but it clearly says 06:30 in the Mode manager.

2 - When i switch to Night, i have a couple Ikea outlet turn off and on Day, they turn back on, however it doesn't seem to be turning them on or off! Oddly enough, if i run the Rule Machine for these operations, it works perfectly.

any help would be appreciated! :grin:

Post screenshots of the relevant logs and your mode manager setup.

thanks for getting back to me Aaiyar, here are the event logs and the timing schedule, is there anything else?

What's your time zone? Is location setup correctly for your hub?

GMT and the Hub is set to the correct time zone, notice it changes to night mode at 23:30, but the Day mode is midnight!

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I would just delete it and reinstall. It's just the app that changes the modes, so it will only take a couple minutes.

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I would de-select "configure with daily settings" toggle (which removes the "set mode based on days of week selection). You already have all days selected in the "set mode based on time of day" and you don't have any days with different values so that toggle isn't really needed.

Pretty sure your day mode is changing at midnight because of the "set mode based on days of week selection" as midnight starts a new day



Great observation by @waynespringer79. Day's start at 12:00AM (or 0:00AM).

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It would be interesting to see if an RM rule has the same problems.

I assume thhis is what you are seeing.


yep removing the daily fixed it! thanks chaps!

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One more update, I thought the Configure Daily setting was the issue, however it wasn't!

I did manage to resolve it by removing the Mode app and re-installing it!

Thanks for everyone's help in this! :smiley:

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