Modes not changing as expected

Can anyone see anything wrong with my Mode Management rules?

It looks to me like I have entered the times I want things to happen at correctly.
I have checked location and time of my hub are correct

I'm not detecting a problem based on the two images.

You went to Dawn today at 4:23 which is 30 mins before sunrise at 4:53 today

You went to Day today at 7:00 which is what you specified.

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What isn't obvious, sorry, is that I posted that at gone 6pm my time and it had not changed to evening - 6pm was earlier of the two triggers. Also change to night was at 11.24pm rather than 10pm. Well I'll leave it to run maybe the schedule needs some more time to be scheduled ahead for a day

In the logs tab is a Scheduled Jobs option... it will show Mode Manager:

Normally I don't use Mode or Mode Manager, but I added it and populated it similar to your screen cap... you'll notice the schedules are for today, not tomorrow morning's dawn, day. I think you're right to wait for a cycle.

Yes I should have thought to check the schedule after setting it up yesterday. Tomorrow's schedule looks correct.

Nope, it skipped dawn mode this morning

And it's skipped Evening just now. I watched the status window over 6pm, and at around 2 mins past, the Scheduled Jobs list updated, to change the next run to 6pm tomorrow (as expected). But the mode did not change. I feel as if I should @ a developer. Who is the most appropriate?

Have you re-created your modes again by any chance? Since you setup this configuration?

No I created one new mode then used Mode Manager. What I have done since first writing it is change some times (as I stupidly forgot to use 24hr clock) but for two days now I have left it alone and the scheduled jobs have looked correct. Are you suggesting I delete the app to clear it all out and start over?

No... was a long shot from seeing some comments ages ago now about a very small number of parts were modes were referenced by name rather than an internal id. Was highly unlikely to appear in any recent apps like this, just thought I'd ask.

Well it won't hurt me to start over, it is a pretty simple process. Though I guess it would be nice if it was something that could be fixed so it couldn't happen

Can you install a second copy of the app? Allowing you to both debug and get something working (hopefully)

Oh... too late I just rewrote it. Never mind if it works it works and if it doesn't then it's time to report as a bug

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Since the start-over it seems to be working ok. Reminds me a bit of thumping the TV when it goes wrong - sometimes these things are just what's needed :slight_smile: