Modes all messed up after upgrading today

So I upgraded to the latest version today:

was running and just upgraded to .132 today...and tonight when I went to go to bed nothing happened..pull out phone...try to trigger manually...nothing. Finally see it's not switching to night mode...finally end up in Mode Manager into the section "set mode with switches" I use a good night routine trigged by google that turns on a virtual switch. Welll...that section was all messed up and had away mode twice, morning mode twice and my switches were missing. Tried to remove and refresh...nothing. Finally went to settings modes and NIGHT mode was GONE. So I restored from last nights backup and everything is back to good again.

Really wish I had taken screen shots to help out support...but quite honestly I'm tired and was trying to go to bed...and HE...just wanted to keep me up tonight. Just posting this in case anyone else had a similar issue. FYI hub #2 did not have this problem and I updated both today.