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It would be nice if the community board could allow me to separate c5, c7 and c8 issues. I'd love to not see any C8 related postings.


Perhaps just a separate area for migration related topics? Apart from the few differences in features, the platform is mostly the same, so a more general issue that happens to occur on a c7 vs one on a c8 do not need to be separated out.


I guess my real point is there is no ability in my profile to select 'c4, c5, c7, c8'. Now with C8 dominating the airwaves, I have to scroll through and slog stuff not related to my needs.
even a seperate area would help tho.

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I think working out the model involved would not always be obvious and may require some additional questions to determine that, so unlikely to get setup. The activity of the migration is much easier to identify and so may be an option. Putting a topic in the right area or giving it a tag that is searchable does require a combination of the creator knowing to add it and/or the Community admins to assign it, so it can't be anything too time-consuming to implement.

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I could make a smart comment like "well just buy a C-8".... But that isn't helpful :grin:

Similar issue with me. I have no Zigbee devices (All are Z-Wave Plus). But it's no big deal for me to skip past the Zigbee posts and I wouldn't want them separated, because something related to what I'm doing might come up.

You're right. not helpful. feel free to donate...

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