Mode manager suggestion

Set mode to evening by time.
You can set the time to change mode to be the earlier of 2 times. Why not provide a switch to make it the later of 2 times. The early sunset of fall/winter is upon us. I don't need HE to go to evening mode at 5:30 pm.
My suggestion is:
Mode becomes Evening at the later of sunset and 7 pm.
In the summer evening is based on the sunset time .
In winter the lights stay bright, like daytime until 7 pm.

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You can do this with Rule Machine. In the following rule I'm turning lights off either 90 minutes after sunset or at 9:30 pm, whichever comes second. I know it's not built into Mode Manager but it is a possible work around.


I will look into this. I think you're right about the need, as earlier of two times was designed for a similar reason, but does pertain to sunrise. I'll look at what the options might be for how to select this.


Thanks for the code suggestion but I have it coded in RM4 already. It's been working well and soon it will be switching evening from sunset to 7 pm.
The idea of using mode manager is slicker, I hope it is easy to implement.

This feature will be in the next release. Since selecting Earlier of Two Times was already in a drop down menu, adding Later of Two Times was straight forward to add.

This was a very good feature suggestion, and should have been there from the beginning. Thanks!


I was lamenting the lack of “later of two times” when I set this up, but was too busy to ask and then forgot about it. Excellent suggestion and I continue to be amazed by how quick @bravenel and the whole Hubitat team is at implementing truly useful functionality.


Thank you for the surprisingly fast response. Looking forward to using the feature.