Mode Manager stuck in Night Mode

Hi All,

I've been having an issue with Mode Manager being stuck in "Night Mode" no matter what I do. It's a pretty straightforward setup, based on time (Sunrise to Day mode, Sunset to Evening, Sunset+120min to Night). " Select modes to ignore time changes" is set to Away, based on a presence switch toggled via iOS HomeKit.

So far, I've tried to remove the app and start fresh, but even when I do the settings persist when I install the app again. No matter the time of day, it's always in Night mode.

I've had Hubitat for a while, but have never had any issues so I'm new to the forums. I'm not sure what other info I can provide or what logs would be relevant to troubleshooting this - any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure that something else is not setting mode to Night? The last time this came up, the person had a rule that was triggered by a mode change, and that rule set mode to Night.

Open Mode Manager, click on the cog icon upper right, click on Events. Post screenshot of that page here.

The other thing to look at is the Location Events tab of the Logs page.

Here are the screenshots of the setup. I just re-did everything fresh. Nothing appears to be setting the mode to night, even after deleting the app, restarting the hub and adding the app and rules from scratch.

So, by starting over instead of doing what I asked you to do, you will have to wait until tomorrow to show the pages I described. Rebooting, reinstalling apps, etc, is not going to point to what the issue is.

Open a Logs page. Click on the Location Events tab. Post a screenshot of that page.

I understand - thanks for the assistance.

I added the presence detection again. When I leave, the mode correctly changes to "Away". However when I come back, it goes to "Night" even though it was 4:24pm EDT when "Night" should be activated at Sunset+120m (~8:15pm EDT).

Post a screenshot of Mode Manager setup page. Post the Logs / Location Events page.

Here you go. The entries prior to 4:24pm where the modes can be seen changing to evening and day were just me trying to manually change to a mode based on presence instead of time. The more relevant data is after 4pm.

I still need to see the Mode Manager setup page.

Apologies - I think these are what you're looking for:

No, I'm looking for this:

Please try a small test. Change Mode Manager to make Night mode start at 8:15 PM instead of Sunset + 120. Force your system to Away, and have one of the presence sensors arrive. See what happens.

This is messed up. We need to get your hub to change to some other mode with Mode Manager first.

It should change to Evening in a few minutes, right? Do the test after that. Take a screenshot of App Status page Application State after Evening mode, before the test.

Sure thing, I'll test after the mode change and let you know. For now, I changed night mode to start at 8:15pm, as requested.

Mode Manager uses a state variable called shadowMode to keep track of how it should deal with Return from Away. When the mode changes based on times, shadowMode is updated, even when the mode is Away. Yours is set to Night. So until there is a real mode change that happens, return from Away will go to Night mode. Mode Manager assumes that it is running 24/7, and it needs to in order to set the mode correctly. So, FWIW, the test for what happens with Return from Away is predictable based on that one state variable (visible on the App Status page).

Interesting. So it did change to evening properly and to "away" and then back to "evening" after changing the presence status. It also changed to night as well, albeit at 8:18pm instead of 8:15pm:

Yeah, 8:18 is what you showed above as the Scheduled Job:

So just let it be for now... See what tomorrow brings.

Now it's stuck in Evening mode. It changed to "night" last night, as well as away, and then back. This morning, it switched to "Day" correctly as well as Evening, but never switched after.

Could you please PM me your hub's UID from Settings - Hub details, I can check if there's anything suspicious going on in the hub's engineering logs.