Mode Manager stop working

My HE doesent wake up this morning
It is still in Night mode...
Rule it's easy

what could be the cause of this malfunction?

Check your hub date/time under settings. Reset the time using the browser time. Also maybe check/reset your location in settings using lat/long if necessary.


Hi Angus
Date time and location are OK

Hmm, not sure then. Sorry.

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Looks correct
Note: it was working well till this morning

I learned someting new :slight_smile:

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Before sunrise and before sunset times are calculated as follows:

On the day that the setting is first created, the app looks at the current time relative to the setting time using system methods that provide sunrise and sunset times. If the setting time for today is yet to happen, in schedules that event for the right time by calculating the difference between now and the setting time. If not, for example you set this up after sunrise (before sunrise has already happened), see next paragraph.

For all days in the future, the app uses a special system event generated once a day. At sunrise and at sunset there are system events. But, also, right after these events is another event that gives the sunrise or sunset time for the next day. Mode Manager creates a subscription to these events. So at sunrise on any given day, it gets the time for tomorrow's sunrise. It calculates how far in the future that is, subtracts the before offset, and schedules an app wake up for that time. That's when it will change the mode. On that page you posted, above the part that you posted, you will see Event Subscriptions, and you will see there these subscriptions to the events for tomorrow's sunrise and sunset. The scheduled time will always say Once for these, since sunrise and sunset are at different times each day, and time is recalculated each day. In contrast, your schedule to change mode every day at 23:00 gets a recurring schedule "0 0 23 * * ?", that you see as the third item of your Scheduled Jobs.