Mode Manager, Set Mode at Times doesnt work


I would like to use MODES to change light intensities at different times during day.

I setup Set Mode at Times table but when the time passes the chosen time the MODE doesnt change. I am unable to find a problem.

This is my testing setup


I got the device more than year ago, but started to play with it now. Made update to platform Hardware revision is Rev C-7. I am using 24h format, although dashboard still shows AM/PM. I have proper timezone setting. No geofence. I did soft reset ,removed power, reinstal manager... nothing helped

I have some day and night changes in logs but i think i did them with Set Mode in Mode Manager.

Any idea why the modes are not changing?


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I think I figured it out.

After I set time at which given MODE should be activated I only pressed Done with time. When I leave the page and return back I still see the setting for that MODE in the table. So I thought that the mode must be properly set and functional. But that doesn't seem to be the case. It is necessary to press also the Done button at the end of the page.

After that, the MODEs are changing as expected