Mode manager, return from Mode


I use a virtual presence device to set Away mode when "Not present", and when that switch is toggled to "present" it activates the "return from away" in mode manager..

But.. how come that return from away is the only mode I can use that on?

I have a Guest mode that I also want to be able to toggle in the same way, when my virtual guest switch changes to "present", mode manager should default back to whatever mode depending on time of day..

Can that be done?

If you want Guest to act like the Away mode (i.e. ignore time changes) you could add it to the Modes to ignore time changes, and then when it gets set off I believe it may be handled similar to Away.

I do something similar, I have global hub variable connectors for some modes so I can go to them via Alexa.
If I turn it off it goes back to the prior mode.
Here is the rule, hope it helps.

As nice as it may be to have this available in Mode Manager, could you not setup a second virtual presence sensor that is the amalgamation of your current virtual present sensor and the guest one? And that new virtual presense sensor is the one you use in mode manager. So whenever you are present or you are in guest mode, the combined presence sensor triggers the "return from away" mode change.

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If I understand what you want to do, you want to automatically set Away based on when someone leaves, and when not away, set to whatever the current mode should be (day/evening/night/etc).

I'm doing something similar using boolean hub variables (RM 5.0) which track the mode, a similar hub Boolean variable for AWAY with a switch connector.

I have a rule for AWAY, DAY, NIGHT and EVENING. DAY and AWAY are listed above. The time of day modes are triggered by time of day. Evening is 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after sunset, NIGHT is 30 minutes after sunset. AWAY is triggered by a virtual switch connector.

These rules set the mode similar to what I believe you are doing. The hub variables track the current MODE when not away, the AWAY rule then sets the mode either to AWAY when ON, or to the current time of day mode when off.

My presence sensor is based on when my locks are unlocked or locked/closed along with the garage door, vice a presence sensor. When the last door is locked or garage door closed, then I set AWAY ON (the AWAY virtual switch connector). When unlocked or opened, I set AWAY OFF. The rules above track and manage the actual mode settings.

I'm sure there are more elegant methods to achieve what you are trying to do, this one works for me.

@c014 I am often temporarily away from the house, so at these times the Mode changes to "Away" based on presence sensing. But I also leave the house for multi-day vacations, so in these cases the Mode changes to my own defined "Vacation" mode based on a manual switch (similar to your "Guest" mode.)

When I return home after my multi-day vacation I wanted the Mode to revert from "Vacation" mode back to whatever mode would have been active if the Mode Manager's time-based schedule had been in effect while I was away - just as "Away" mode does when I return.

I discovered that I could use my manual vacation switch to trigger "Return From Away" in Mode Manager, even though in this case "Away" is not the current mode - it's actually a return from "Vacation" mode. In that sense "Return From Away" might be more accurately described as "Revert to Scheduled" mode.


Just tried this out, and it works!

Thank you for taking the time to answer this, much appreciated :slight_smile:

This doesn't seem to work with the new Mode Manager in 2.3.3 - it does change the mode, but to the earliest mode in the list (ie Day, when it should be Evening or Night here).

Show a screenshot of your Mode Manager setup.

I tried using the Commons: Back from away switch (and that sets the mode to day), and setting the new House: Virtual presence sensor to present, which did nothing.

Not sure why, but it isn't recognizing the current period, which it should. I will investigate.

Please add Away more to Times table with the Skip box checked.

Return from Away (on Presence and Switches table) requires Away in the Times box with Skip checked. But, even without that, mine showed the right period.

Notice how the current mode is highlighted in the table.

Please check your sunrise/sunset times on the Settings / Hub Details page, see if those are right.

Added Away with Skip.

The new House: Virtual presence sensor still not doing anything. And when Commons: Back from away turns on the Mode still changes to day.

Just in case it was important I also added the new Testing mode with a skip, still no difference.

All the times look fine in Settings/Hub Details.