Mode Manager Presence Stopped Working?!?

Ok, gang. I usually try to troubleshoot the best I can solo, but am truly stumped on this one. My Mode Manager has not triggered on presence since I updated firmware last week.

Life360 app is working fine, logs show us coming and going. Deleted Mode Manager and reinstalled. I can manually change modes no problem, it will change to Night mode at the specified time. For the life of me I don’t know why it just stopped triggering on presence.

I don’t see anything in the logs that looks suspicious, but will share whatever will help. I was expecting to see a bunch of threads with this same issue, but didn’t see any at all… :pensive:

Any assistance/insight here is appreciated. Am I the only one that is having this issue?

Presence Log Registering Fine

Mode Manager Settings

Location Events Showing Mode Not Changing

Continued to be frustrated by this one. Without modes firing it defeats a lot of the automation in home automation.

I had uninstalled/reinstalled Mode Manager a few times, no luck. Rolled back software to the last working version, no luck. Uninstalled/reinstalled Mode Manager again, no luck. Updated all the way again, no luck. Uninstalled/reinstalled Mode Manager again and…it finally worked.

Any ideas what could have possibly caused something like this?

I don't use mode manager, so I am not much help with that. But there haven't been any reports of mode manager having issues on the forum that I remember seeing.

I use rules to switch modes. I wonder if you use a Basic Rule for these presence sensors if it would work properly? In other words, rule out the L360 from a Mode Manager issue by using Basic Rule temporarily.