Mode Manager not switching modes based on presence

I am a bit new to hubitat, and now I am setting up the Mode Manager. For the presence sensor I chose my phone - for which the system recognizes the presence perfectly

The problem now is that when I set up the modes manager (following the wiki), the mode is set to day (it does not get the info from my presence sensor)

So that the security is always disarmed

Can someone help me or give me some advice how to set it up, so that the mode will change to away as it should? I am using Hubitat Elevation

Thank you

It looks like you might have the β€œuse time” check box enabled.
This is how my MM looks..

@njanda - thank you for the info. I will try a setup similar to yours. Hope it works now correctly. I'm still trying to get a hang of this :slight_smile:

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