Mode Manager not changing

Hey guys, I'm brand new to Hubitat and thought I'd start out with something simple. I've installed Mode Manager and set up the following:

  • Day = sunrise
  • Evening = sunset
  • Night = 11pm

But it's not changing, at least when i look in the app or on the dashboard widget I created. Yesterday when I set it up I manually set it to Evening. When I got up this morning it was still on Evening. I uninstalled/reinstalled and set it to Day. Then left home about 2pm - got back at 8pm and it was still showing Day. I've un/reinstalled again and it still shows Day.

Am I doing something wrong?

Could you please enable logging and also post screenshots of your app settings (from Apps page select the gear icon next to the Mode Manager app).

Well - as with most things - today - it worked! It changed from Day to Evening at sunset and shows correctly. Sortof like when you take a sick kid to the doctor - suddenly they are well. I have logging turned on and I'll ck in the morning to see if it changed to Day. Excited to start digging in and learning what all this can do.


@bobbyD Aren't the sunset/sunrise times computed at midnight? And if this was a new install and this was setup day one, then there would be no times computed? Or am I totally off as usual?


That has been my experience with everything I've ever set up with sunset/sunrise triggers. Works great starting with day 2.

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Yea, maybe there needs to be a method to compute these times on demand.

That makes sense - Thanks!

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