Mode Manager logs show change but nothing changes

Recently i have encountered a very weird issue in my Mode Manager app.
When i return home i have a few presents devices that if any of them will change to present then the Mode should be changed from away to the relevant time mode and it used to work with no issues....
Also my Hubitat® Safety Monitor app should disarm the alarm.
But lately most of the times the mode stays at away and then the alarm triggers ....
But the wired thing is that when i check the logs it looks like the mode was changed to a time mode before the alarm was triggered ....
when i go in the app i can see my mode is away and i manually change it to the relevant time to disarm my system .
what am i missing ??????
please help .

mode settings for return from away :

Safety Monitor logs for intrusion :

Mode change logs :

Please turn on logging for Mode Manager.

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it was always on ....
i really don't know what to do any more i cant understand this ...
it used to work flawlessly with same settings ...

I think Bruce wants you to get this to not work properly (return from away mode?) and take a screen capture of the logs. Once you get the logs captured, upload them here.

He needs those logs to see if they match the settings you have shown above. The logs are the only way he can do that. Otherwise, he is just guessing what is wrong and wasting time doing so.