Mode Manager isn't cutting it for me

I'm trying to more closely emulate the ST "When thing happen" kind of deal.

Here's my Night Automation, it will include more wattage meters and motion sensors after I migrate everything, but basically put the house to sleep and arm the "alarm" when no motion for a while, and no tv's/computers are on.

Then for Home mode (day) I'll have it set and disarm when motion is sensed on a single sensor in my hall that will see anyone first getting out of bed. Close to sunrise:

Evening is easiest, just based on sunset:

Away mode triggers when all presence sensors show away for at least 10 minutes.

Thoughts on improving this? I know there are some limitations to sunrise/sunset, have I trampled them here with two of one in a rule? Mode Manger was failing with me on using either of those for even just one change.

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