Mode Manager / HSM issue - going on vacation during the 'night' ignores phone presence and results in disarming HSM in the morning

I think this is an edge case but it just happened to me and I want to understand if it's really an edge case and/or if I should create a custom rule to handle arming my Hubitat (HSM).

Today, I have Mode Manager app setup to change modes based on time - and also to go 'away' when my phone leaves geofence.

Basically - I want the system to be armed at night and whenever my phone is away.. I'm guessing this is a pretty standard setup:

I also have HSM set to arm-away when mode is away and arm-home when mode is night. It'll disarm when the mode changes to day/evening:

However, what happened last week is - we decided to leave on our road trip very early in the morning - 5:30 AM. I think what happened here is my phone's presence change was ignored because I have mode manager set to ignore presence changes at night.

I suppose that makes sense if I have to leave the house and return at night.. I don't want to disarm the system when I return. But, in our case the mode changed to 'Day' in the morning and HSM disarmed.

I noticed this the next day and was able to use an app to change HSM back to 'armed-away' -- but every morning HSM was automatically disarmed again.

Again, maybe this isn't a normal case to worry about but I'm wondering if I'd be better served creating a rule to arm and disarm HSM -- and it would always take into account the phone's presence before automatically disarming the system.

Is this something anyone else has thought about? I would appreciate seeing the rule you created if so because I'm not great at creating rules.. would it be 2 rules - 1 to auto arm and 1 to auto disarm?


Note: I have actually disabled these rules based on "feedback" about being "tracked" by a geofencing app:) But they work great as long as there is compiance with the geofencing app running on the phone. I do not use "away" as a mode. I use(d) a number of presence detection methods and @jwetzel1492 's very nice presence combiner. "house occuppied" means anyone home or everyone gone. The individual aggregated sensors tell whether a specific person has returned, regardless of whether someone is already home. I have a virtual switch to disable auto arming. I like to know when the system is arming and disarming, so I use Twilio to send me an alert. The number in the message (1698) is the rule number. And last, most of my doors lock when HSM goes into Armed Away, but the kitchen door lock cannot be locked automatically - and of course that's the one that gets left unlocked. So the rule sends a reminder if you forget.

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