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@bravenel just want to confirm, if I want to have two new modes that start at sunrise, but on my run at sunrise during the weekdays (min-Fri) and another only runs Sat and Sun, would this be the correct way to setup the modes in mode manager?

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That looks very nearly correct, except you have two modes set to do the same thing, "Day" and "Weekday Day" or "Weekend Day," all of which are configured to be set at sunrise. One of them will win out, but I don't think there's any guarantee as to which or even that it will be the same every time. :slight_smile: Was your intent just to get rid of the existing "Day" mode? If so, that should work (though I'd suggest going into any apps with a "per mode" setting first and making sure you swap it out with one or both of those other modes in case any of them become unhappy when a mode they're looking for is removed).

The weekday vs. weekend thing otherwise looks correct, assuming that is the point of your question. The issue I'm pointing out is related to the fact that, as you probably know, only one mode can be active at a given time.

You can't.

You’re both missing what I’m asking …

Yes I have 3 day modes

Day = 7 days a week (I’ll have to delete this one)
Weekend Day
Weekday Day

Focus on just the weekday day and weekend day modes. Are they setup correctly to only run at sunrise on those days?

I want to manage certain lighting only on the weekend and others only during the week days.

Did you maybe miss part of what I wrote? I mentioned the "Day" thing because it's a problem as-is, but "Weekend Day" and "Weekday Day" appear to (otherwise) be set up correctly.


Yeah sorry I misread what you wrote but thanks for the reply. And yes I’m aware only one more can be active at any given time. My goal is to replace day with one of the other day modes in my current rules but didn’t want to do that until I had confirmation that the other two were setup right.

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