Mode Manager gets all Hotel California about the Night time trigger [BUG]

This is a bug report about Mode Manager.


  • I set up the time trigger switch to Night mode at a certain time. That worked.
  • After working with it for a while, we decided not to do this and instead start Night mode by a switch instead... however we can't disable the time trigger.

once you enter you can never leave

Here's how it is today:

If I click the selection and then select No selection....

It returns right back to the previous screen with no change. Hm... maybe it does this because a time is set? So I click on the time window:

And try to select No Selection here...

And the same thing happens, it returns to the screen as if I hadn't made a change.

Only workaround we've found: set it one minute before Day starts....

What's really interesting is that it's clear a javascript action doing the reversion. Because after you click, you see it return to the screen with your selection... it looks right. And then a second later the option switches on you.

So there's a gremlin who has feels about you disabling this :wink:

Reproduceable in both latest Safari and latest Google Chrome on Mac.

If you don't get a response you might want to @ mention one of the HE devs.

I do that a lot. I try not to abuse it, 'cause I have people do that all day long to me at work and it is just distracting when I'm not on-call and trying to GSD.


Go into Mode manager, select the mode you want to change the time setting on. Get the screen where you select the time.

It will look like this:

Now, delete each of the entries for the time, it will look like this:
Which makes you think you can't click "Done", which you can't. But all you have to do is select "No Selection" from the drop-down and the red-line will go away, allowing you to click done with no time set.


That's not how the UI works on Mac (in both Safari and Chrome). Clearing the time and then changing the selection to No Selections just causes the screen to refresh and look like this:

I have noticed this same issue on my iPhone, I have only tried it in Safari. But with Chrome on my PC, I can remove the time trigger.

Thanks @Ryan780 for confirming how to remove that.

Tagging @bravenel.

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The directions given above by @Ryan780 are correct. You simply have to deselect each of the 3 parts of the selected time. This works on a Mac (with Chrome). Safari is alway dicey with time selections.


When trying to remove the time trigger on my iphone with safari (iOS 13.3.1 on an iphone XS), my experience was the same as that of @endorphin junkie as described in post #6. Once the time values are removed, the screen refreshes and a time reappears. There was no way to save the change.

Works fine in chrome though.

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We have spent a lot of time fighting with Safari. It simply refuses to work consistently for time selections and deselections. It is a special case: Apple doesn't do time the way other browsers do. Hmmm....


Okay, I finally got this to work in Chrome. Some points on this:

  1. The UI on Chrome is text entry, while the UI for the same thing is select bars on Safari.
  2. After clearing the values, there is a red underline
  3. After changing the selection to No Selection, it immediately changes itself back to A certain time. I doesn't feel like it works. In fact, the only thing that changes is the red underline is gone (which I missed on the first attempt). Hitting Done immediately after the selection bar change does remove the value.

While I'm glad I was finally able to remove it, do I really need to say how obtuse and confusing this is? It's a bit more like an incantation than a responsive UI.

Is it really that hard to do?

Not going to bother "defending" the UI. Your complaint is well noted, and I wish there were a better means of entering and removing time selections.

I seriously doubt anyone is going to figure this out without coming to the forum. Responsive interfaces are pretty common right now, and people don't expect things that refuse to accept a new value to just need more persuasion blindly entered while it continues to reject the change :wink:

Even just some responsive text saying "Clear the time to remove this setting" would be very helpful. Adjusting it to change to No Selection when the value is cleared would be even better.

That's all I was trying to do-- make sure you knew this was confusing, and tell you I feel it's important. I know from personal experience how subtle changes can impact a piece of code I haven't touched in months, so I appreciate being informed... and try to pass that along to others when I notice something.

Zero intent to attack, or put you on the defensive. It's code in progress, it gets better with feedback and effort :+1: You don't allow us to give you direct PRs, so feedback is the only help we can provide.

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