Mode Manager Earlier Time stopped working bug?

Hi all,

I have been using hubitat for about 3-4 months and initially had some problems with Mode Manager changing modes upon time of day, but eventually re-applied and got it sorted.

So recently my Night Mode stopped working, which was set as Earlier of Two times, Sunset or 6:55PM. Now up until 2 weeks ago, Night mode was working correctly, but then the Sunset time was starting PRIOR to 6:55PM. I am in Perth, Western Australia - Sunrise and sunset times in Perth (

My Settings:

Mode Manager Status :

My Localization (at the time of posting):

I am convinced that If I remove the Earlier of two times for Night Mode and set it to either a set time or sunset it will sort it out, but appears to potentially be a bug. I also suspect that my Morning Mode settings of Earlier of two times will break next Month when Sunrise is after my 6:30AM settings.

What other troubleshooting can i look into?


EDIT: Adding important Details of the System:

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version:
Hardware Version: Rev C-7

Please turn on logging for Mode Manager, and post those tomorrow -- assuming you can allow this to fail one more time.

I will look into it...

Hi bravenel,

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: Logging has been enabled the entire time. I'm not sure if of are after the Mode Manager Events (screenshot below) or something different.

Please let me know what else I can give you. Thanks in advance :+1:


I'm looking for Logs page, with the app logging. You can isolate those logs to just Mode Manager by clicking on it in the top portion of the page.

hi bravenel,

There is not actually all that much logged under the Mode Manager Past logs, but this is what was logged over the period of yesterday

I have a fair few other devices that are hogging the logging, plus I'm developing some drivers, so have about 18 hours of logging available. I've turned some of the logging levels down on other devices so I can get >24 hours of logging and can post again tomorrow if you want.


I am not seeing this error when I test a setup like yours. It correctly changes mode at the earlier time, even when sunset at first is after the specific time, and then becomes before the time.

Show me a screenshot of two parts of the App Status page for Mode Manager (gear icon): The Event Subscriptions and the Scheduled Jobs.

Hi @bravenel

here is the event subscriptions:

and the scheduled jobs:

Hi @bravenel,

So fun fact. The same problem I have with setting night mode with the earlier of time set has now impacted Day mode being set from earlier of sunrise or 630am.

Did you end up coming up with and idea I can try?


I will look into again in the next revision cycle. I've not been able to reproduce your failures. I will set up a dedicated hub with your exact setup. So please post once again a screenshot of Mode Manager setup page for me to copy.

For now I'd dispense with 'earlier of two times'.

Hi @bravenel

That was my thought too on removing the earlier time setting. I only have a few automations linked to Night Mode

Here is the Mode Manager settings again:


Hi guys,

Am I the only one having problems with Modes???

Yesterday I noticed that some devices started acting weird, without a logical reason, and afer a while I detected that MODE changes is not working.

I´ve gone through all options on MODE MANAGER, but couldn´t notice anything wrong, besides the fact that I havent touched anything on that APP.

Any comments from the Hubitat Team?


Note: I´m on, Mode Manager Version 1.1.6 (5/22/2022)

I've had 2 consecutive days of Sleep mode not transitioning to Day mode without me manually setting it in Mode Manager. I haven't made any changes to Mode Manager in many, many months.

Currently running version:

Oops - forgot about the Mode Manager update in May - Version 1.1.6 (5/22/2022)