Mode Manager -Certain Time Not Triggering

I think I got this setup correctly. At 5 am or after use Home Mode, at 10 PM or after use Night mode. Use Return from Away to set correct mode based off those times. But upon testing, when I arm and then disarm, it only defaults back to the previous mode, not the correct one based off time.

Example: at 10:30 pm
Manually set mode to Home
Using a virtual switch ON, trigger Away Mode - properly shows as Armed Away
Use virtual switch OFF, trigger Return from Away (should be Night mode based off rules above)
Armed Home displays instead

What am I missing?

I figured out the culpurt and the workaround solution, but wonder if mode manager rule enhancements might help this. The answer was right in my example.

I was able to confirm that the auto switch of a mode at a certain time did function as expected.
What occurred was while the Mode Manager switched correct at 10pm to Night mode, I manually changed this (purposely or accidentally) to Home mode there after. My logic was that when I arm and then disarmed Away mode it would recognize the time and set correctly, but instead it just switch back to Home. Basically the Mode Manager automation to switch to a mode at a certain time is really just that, an instance switch that function at that moment in time and and nothing else.

So currently I either

  1. Remove any reference option for anyone to change a mode manually off the dashboard to anything other than Away. (Simple but not always ideal for those who rely on dashboards)
  2. Use RM instead to code triggers based on certain parameters

I feel that if Mode Manager enhanced it's automation logic it could help this users with error checks and keep Modes in their proper state during certain periods of time in case of accidental overrides.

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