Mode Manager bug

For the past few weeks, all but one of my Modes has been working. For some reason, my C-7 will not switch from Evening to Night. Below is my Mode Manager setting as well as screenshot of my events. I've had to manually switch from Evening to Night. I've rebooted my C-7 and sync time via the Hub Details without success. Anyone have any other ideas/suggestions?

Have you tried deleting Mode Manager and recreating it? Perhaps it is corrupted. Yes, that would damage all of your rules using modes, but perhaps you could export the rules, delete Mode manager, re-install Mode Manager, re-create all mode changes, import the exported rules.

Be sure to backup first so you could revert if things go badly with the rule export/import.

I’ve given up using Modes and Scenes because of all of the bugs, just use global variables and virtual switches.

I also use Rule Machine, Simple Automation etc. to set virtual switches (e.g. "Away Switch" on = Away Mode). However, I went a step further and used Rule Machine (and/or Cobra's Mode Plus app) to set the actual mode.
The reason why I needed to set the mode is because Simple Automation has the capability to use one (and only one) Switch in its automations as a restriction (and one mode). So, if I have a mode also set, it allows me more flexibility.
In other words, it's not absolutely required, but helpful.