Mode manager at midnight

why mode manager would have this behavior at midnight?

looks like dayHandler is doing something at midnight

Has this been working or did you just set this up? Upon a quick glance your trying to set the modes based on time and days of the week. In your settings get rid of setting the mode by days of the week. Your already doing this in the first block of settings with your time settings. It makes sense that mode is changing at midnight at this is the start of a new day.


It' new setup.
That sounds about right.
When I set it up, I treated second part as condition, but it is trigger.

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removing this didn't help

now I'm removing days from time of the day,
keeping just times.

If that won't work either I'll erase mode manager and install it from scratch.
Just in case of some database crisscrossed.

I am having the exact same issue. Mode Manager is changing the mode to, first evening, then immediately day, at midnight. This is also a new Hubitat install.
I don't know if the etiquette is to post my logs in Plantucha's post, or start my own...

Thanks, but for the record, this was not an issue of not understanding mode manager - it's one of the most basic apps.
My system was set to change to day at 6:30am, evening at 6:30pm, and night at 11pm. That's it. Yet it was cycling through all the modes and staying on 'day' at exactly midnight every day. Sounds like a bug to me.

SOLUTION: I took the OP's advice to remove the mode manager app and reinstall. I've configured it identically and now it no longer resets at midnight. Thanks @plantucha!