Mode Lighting Newb

I've setup Mode Lighting to control my phillips hue strips as shown below:

as far as i can tell, it doesn't do anything at all. I've got Mode manager setup with these different modes, and it does look like the mode does get changed, but the lights don't react. Any ideas how I fouled up such a simple thing?

Are these paired to the Hue hub or directly to Hubitat?

paired directly to the hub. I'll try setting up an identical mode lighting to control just a regular GE switch and see what happens as a way of seeing if its some problem with the phillips lights

Do you have "Color Prestaging" or "Level Prestaging" turned on for the device? You can see on the edit device page.

You have to have some event that tells mode manager to start controlling the lights by filling in options for lights on and off. Mode manager will change the levels when mode changes, but only when it's been enabled by a switch or button event.

So, in your example above, once you've turned the lights on with MBR awake, will they change intensity and color on their own as the mode changes, or do they only change to assigned mode settings if the button is pushed again?

They change as mode changes.

Is "Options for lights off" required, or just on?

I've turned it on now, doesn't seem to have made a difference.

Here is what I have setup now

I'm wondering if "Color per mode" might be the culprit?

Did you ever get squared away?

The challenges I had with Mode Lighting is that is simply doesn't work the way I thought it did. My expectation was that it was "Simple Lighting that would turn on / off lights per mode automatically."

I've found Simple Lighting to be a little too simple, so I've resorted to creating multiple, overly simple rules to make up for it. I'm surprised that you can't set up a rule that turns lights on by mode, like setting the brightness of a hallway differently during the day than at night without using the physical switch to turn it on. Or not being able to turn a light on at sunrise/sunset and off at a specific time, like "front porch lights on at sunset, off at 11pm." So instead I have 4 rules in Simple Lighting for every light and its schedule. C'est la vie, I guess.

I didn't think that "you have to use a physical switch" was the way Mode Lighting was designed. But it is.

Just wondering where you netted out, since my initial issues are very similar to yours.