Mode changes to away at midnight


Since a few weeks my Hubitat changes a few times per week to away when it is midnight. It should be changing to night mode but stays at away, even when it is daytime and therefore should be at day-mode. This is my setup in modemanager:

This is the logfile:

Can you tell me what is going wrong?



How did you get the first line "between sunset ...... sunset" to appear? It does not appear to make any sense and I can't replicate it.

I've translated the line Between sunset and 10pm - before that was Tussen sunset and 22.00.

So the order is:

7AM: Day
Sunset - 10PM: Between sunset and 10 PM
10PM: Evening
00.01: Night

The Mode manager settings look fine. You might have a rogue app or rule somewhere that is doing it.
Dig into the logs around the time of mode change, maybe it’ll give you some clue. The second screen shot you gave us is not the logs (that’s system events). It doesn’t say much other than state that the mode changed.

You’ll need to go to logs-past logs and catch it there as soon as it happens again