Mode change triggers motion and mode lighting lights

First, a C7 running ver.
A motion and mode lighting routine that uses a motion trigger and a contact sensor.
I have noticed recently, since a couple of updates, that when the mode changes, my outdoor lights that are controlled with M&M lighting turns them on with NO motion or door trigger.
Here is the log when the mode changes and the lights turn on:

Here is a shot of the app:

Don't know (yet) whether this is due to the hub's firmware/my 'rule" (for lack of a better name)/something else, but I have been using this "rule" for quite a while and it has worked great, just recently messing up.
I might try downgrading to an earlier fw. version to see, but the fault is random and not repetitive, so will take a while to troubleshoot.

As a quick test, I set the night mode from 2100 to 2130 and waited for 2130 time, and the mode changed but the lights did not turn on (this time), so it might be a bug?