Mode app broken [Not]

My Mode app seems to be broken and just wanting to see if anyone sees anything wrong with this?

I would think pretty simple, just at particular times the mode changes, that's it but it never works. I tried deleting the app and doing it all again and still nothing.

Check and see if it has any subscriptions. If not, delete and re-add. I had this happen to me too. Now it works.

I have yet to have morning coffee so forgive me if I'm missing something, but are those 4 different button devices? Because it appears that you are pressing the same button and telling it to do 4 different actions with the same button pressed?

Yeah they are 4 virtual buttons. I just have them set that way for my dashboard

Sorry Bago, what should it look like? To me it seems like they are there?

Looks like a different issue. Sorry.

Are getting any log entries at the times it's supposed to switch? Does it work without the set on presence?

Well, you are trying to set Day and evening modes by both Buttons and Time of Day. That isn't really going to work. You are also setting away by both presence and a button. Try making only one trigger for each mode and see if it works then.

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This should work fine.

From a technical standpoint maybe but not from a practical one. The button sets it to one and then the TOD sets it to another? IMHO, don't confuse the issue. Either use buttons or time of day. KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).

We discussed this use last night on Hubitat Live. I have a default time setting for Night mode at 11:30, and a button to set Night mode. The button gets pushed when we go to bed, usually before 11:30. Works as intended. It is quite practical, since actual bedtime varies daily, and we want Night mode to start then.

Sure, you could have contradictory things going on, but in and of itself, having a button in addition to time settings for changing mode works as long as you understand what you have set up and use it accordingly.

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Why have the night mode time setting if you only go to night mode when you go to bed? If you happen to be staying up late for whatever reason, would you want the house to be in night mode at 11:30 if you're still awake?

I have 4 primary modes, day, night asleep and away. Away and asleep are always triggered manually and day/night happen automatically (based on time of day & lux) if not in one of the other two modes. Maybe I have my modes more wrapped up in lighting rules and whatnot to make it practical to want it to change unexpectedly to asleep mode.

The default setting is in case we fail to push the button, known to happen that someone does that -- we are, after all, in bed when it gets pushed, and sometimes people fall asleep. If we are up past 11:30, it's fine for the house to be in night mode -- in fact, that's how we want it. The rooms we would be in past that time don't use per-mode lighting anyway, so it all works out.

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I guess. I'm still not sold that that's the best idea, especially when someone is having mode trigger problems. So, yes, you're right. It does work. But in this instance making it simpler until the triggering issues are resolved is still a good idea, IMHO.

Ohhh so it is only one or the other? As yeah I was having the buttons just as sort of backup/way to change manually if for what ever reason.

So what is the best practice for having backup buttons change some modes? Just do them in RM?

No, as Bruce pointed out, you can use both the way that he does. That is a completely valid way to use mode manager.

The question I have though is why do you have virtual buttons set up as the buttons you have built into Mode Manager? From a dashboard, you can just use the Mode Tile template to change the mode. But you're saying that modes are not changing by time? What mode were you in when you expected the mode to change by time?

Oh I see, I did not realize there was a mode tile and was just doing it this button way to manually change modes. I will look into that when I get home.

I know what Bruce said last night about modes, about how to use Away vs Home and so on, but I didn't quite like that exact method. Bruce and his wife are both home, away, or sleeping at similar times. Our household has two adults who work completely different shifts, and my work schedule varies daily. Bruce's method I don't think accounts for that very well.

So I ended up with 5 modes.

  1. Day and Away
  2. Day and Home
  3. Night and Away
  4. Night and Home
  5. Sleep (do not disturb)

The extra modes like Night and Away or Day and Home and Day and Away help run rules for turning on lights, or check for door locks, and so on. If I am sleeping, and other adult is at work, (or vise-versa), you will want heat settings, notifications to happen differently, or have lights come on very differently when I leave home at 2PM and arrive home at 11 PM vs other adult leaving at 5:30 AM and getting home at 4 PM.

In any case, Mode Manager didn't deal that well with all that. I used Rule Machine, and it has been pretty flawless since. I use multiple presence devices (Hubitat app and Smartthings tags) and that also has worked very well.

Yeah I think might have to just use RM for now and see how that goes. Thanks for the explanation.

Hope this helps.