Mobile Device Settings Question

While checking device setting for my phone I see a section called "Dashboards" for the Mobile App Device. Was this intended to control which dashboards a device had access to? As far as I can tell this setting does not control anything. Does it serve a purpose?

It makes the device available to legacy dashboards. It would be the same as navigating to Apps > Hubitat® Dashboard > [Dashboard Name] and selecting the device. You can then add it as a tile on the dashboard.

When creating a Dashboard 2.0, devices are available to be selected directly from the dashboard; therefore, dashboard 2.0 dashboards don’t appear here. If there will never be a reason to add dashboard 2.0 dashboards here for selection, it would avoid confusion to rename this field to “legacy dashboards” or “make device available for use in selected legacy dashboards.” (@gopher.ny)

[Edited for Clarity]

No, that is the same option available for any device and is one way to add it to specific dashboards (the purposed described in the reply above mine, just being clear about this particular part of the question).

There isn't much use for doing this with the mobile app device unless maybe you want an easy way to see its presence status, but I suppose whatever creative use you might find is possible...

OK Brad, thanks, understood. I have kind of a related question. I have 2 andriod phones and a tablet with the HE app installed. That gives the person with the device a lot of control of our HE system. If a device were to lost or stolen would removing the device from the compatible device list be enough to stop access to my system from that device?