Mobile device not getting notifications from Yale Lock - sort of

I have a Yale Assure 2 lock. Another thread talked about removing my iPhone from the hub and pressing Send Geo Event. This kind of worked, I think there was one more step (which I forgot) to get my iPhone to add back in.

Ok, so here is the issue. I setup a notification to my iPhone if I lock or unlock the door. If I unlock the door from my phone app or the computer dashboard, I get the Hubitat notification on my iPhone. But if I unlock the door manually or with a code .... nothing! What the heck?

Can you post a screenshot of the notification setup on your HE hub?

When you lock it manually or via the alternate methods you mentioned, do you see anything show up in the Device Events? Available from the Device Details page for the lock?

So only dashboard-initiated events get logged. However, I unlocked with the dashboard and got notified and it showed in the log.

THEN I manually locked the door but had to open the device and hit "refresh" to get the event (and subsequent notification) that the door was locked. It's like it is not being refreshed automatically.

I should mention I'm using "Lock Code Manager" to set codes.

I installed the custom "Reliable Locks" app (GitHub - joelwetzel/Hubitat-Reliable-Locks: A Hubitat app that will create virtual locks that 'wrap' your physical lock devices, making them more reliable.) and while it only refreshes once per minute it will detect if the door was opened manually. But if I lock it right after opening the lock, since the code has refreshed at 1 min, it might miss one of the two states (open event, but will eventually catch up to the close state).

But I don't get notifications based on user codes entered in using the "Lock Code Manager".

Need to know what modules your lock is setup for. Is this the Z-Wave lock? I don't think the Wifi version is even supported unless someone came out with an integration recently.

I have a Yale Assure SL (z-wave) on my front door and I get instant status updates if the door is unlocked manually.

@be2j2m isn't interested in hanging around, so not sure you will get a response on this one.