Mobile device name changed

I opened the hubitat app on the same mobile phone that I have been using all along but for some reason it thought it's a new device and asked me to log in again. After logging in I noticed that I no longer getting mobile notifications anymore so I checked the mobile setting and noticed that the device name as noted in the hubitat mobile app changed from the device name as set on my phone to the model name of the phone. Is there a way to change it back and I am not getting notification and it'd be a pain to change the notification destinations of all the rules I have set in my rule machine! Thx!

From what I remember it should give a choice of the new name or pick a current presence device... can you show a screen shot of the app ?

In the HE mobile app Go to Settings > Select Hub, then pick your hub.
After that it should give you a list of existing "mobile device" devices on that hub, pick the one you have setup for the notifications.

Once that is done you can find the extra "device" that got created on the hub through the hubs web UI and remove it to avoid any further confusion.


Thank you so much! This works!

This is so simple yet somehow it's not obvious to me how to fix it.