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Hi so i dont know what i did, i reset everything talking about devices etc...

but now i note i dont get on my phone the text notifications. i opened the app, created my device, and its shows up on the app list, from my phone it lets me modify on the app, see dashboard etc but i dont get the messages

I also notice that on the app list, the device doesnt changes from arrived or departed....

When you connect your phone app to the hub, you can either select an existing device or have a new one created.

If you opted to create a new one, it will not be linked to any of your existing automations.

In this case, you would have at least the two following options:

  1. Go to the hub selection screen in the app and select the device you had originally used. If you deleted it from the hub, you could always restore the backup from before it was deleted, but you would lose anything that you did afterwards.
  2. Update the apps that send notifications or track presence to use the newly created device.

i have setup again the name it had but anyways when i go to the device and send a text.... it doesnt go through

i did created manually from the hub, and delete it and then from when logging off the app and logged again, it asked me to create one, and its the one its not responding

That would make sense. You’ll need to make sure that the apps are update to use this new device.

i dont know what happened. had to remove the app, and install back and worked....

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