Mobile app suggested improvements


I guess people (at least me) choose hubitat because of local control. Considering everything is local, mobile app seems quite slow. Loading everything again on every app load, and even on portrait/landscape mode change. I'd suggest following updates:

  • When there is only 1 dashboard, open that dashboard directly, no point of showing list of dashboards with just 1 record in it
  • Keep dashboard (list of devices) cached. That way, when runnning the app, it can shows the dashboard directly, without fetching the dashboard from hub. It can then load device states (and check for devices being added/removed from dashboard) on background and update it afterwards. The key is to show the dashboard asap, and load data from hub after that. Whatever happens during "Loading Dashboard" and "Loading Layout" messages should be stored for "offline" use.
  • Persist Android intent state, so when you want to turn off bulb from your bed, and your phone switches to landscape mode because you moved, it doesn't reload everything for no reason and doesn't throw you back on dashboard selection screen.
  • this one is actually for Dashboard, not mobile app. Color light buld can have level settings directly on it's title, same way as dimer bulb does. That way you can use color light bulb same way as normal dimmer bulbs, with possibility to change colors by special scenes or so
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