Mobile App Shows two registered hubs

Having issues with Hubitat mobile App on iOS. I have a replacement C-7 hub and only one hub registered to my account. When using the web interface only one hub shows as registered and shows the correct IP, however, when I sign into the mobile app i am prompted to select from two hubs. The previous hub is shown as well as the current valid hub. Also when using tools option in the mobile app to view registered hubs again both appear, but unlike when using the web interface they both show an ip: I removed the mobile app from the phone and rebooted. Using the web interface I removed the phone device from any app it was associated with, removed the device and rebooted the hub. Neither action corrected the problem. Other than the troubling message that the mobile app detects existing mobile device on my hub and I need to select one, along with the double registered hubs it seems to work. Any ideas on how to clear out the old Mobile device and have the registered hub show correctly?

I would contact support by emailing They can pretty easily fix the multiple hubs issue.

I will also tag @bobbyD and if he isn't busy maybe he can advise you what to do.

I have removed the registration for your inactive hub. See if that helps.


Yes, Thank you. The ghost hub no longer appears in my mobile APP.

Thanks for the input. Hubitat Support was able to locate and remove the decommissioned hub.

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