Mobile App Screen Rotation

@patrick If it's possible I would like to suggest adding an option in settings for the mobile app to maintain portrait or landscape so it does not rotate automatically if I turn my phone beyond the limit when holding it. Currently when the screen rotates on my phone it automatically pushes the display back to the main dashboard selection screen instead of staying on the dashboard selected. I'm sure there's likely a valid reason for this but I prefer to keep the Hubitat app in portrait while I allow other apps to rotate. I have seen this option in other apps although I'm not certain how difficult it would be to add. I have a Samsung Note 9.

Android has a built in rotation lock if you want to use it.

I'll add your request to the feature request list.

@patrick I am aware of the block that keep everything from rotating but is there one that is per app? I haven't seen that. Thanks!

You can do that with Tasker or some of the other Automation apps like AutomateIt Pro.

Yes, I know I can use another app and that's what I am doing now. However, it would be nice to have that option in the Hubitat app so I didn't need another app to do it.

The app can be configured to only present in portrait mode but I'm sure people who use it on tablets would complain about that too.

I'm not looking for it to be configured that way permanently. My request asks for a "setting" to select what you want. I realize that there are others who may not always want it to be in a fixed rotation or in only portrait. I already have a few other apps that have this option in the settings. You select either auto rotate, portrait or landscape. This way you have the choice of what you want and it is app specific.

Yeah, I agree, that would be great. But I also don't know how difficult it is to implement something like that in the Android and iOS architectures. If you want to keep consistency, you'd have to do it in both. So it might not be done anytime soon.

Plus, I was recommending the other apps as something you could do today. Obviously any update to the app won't come out today or tomorrow even if Hubitat decides to do it. So, even if there's an update to the app, you can either wait for it or use a workaround. Your choice. But I figured someone might want a solution they could implement today.

All valid points.

Choices are always good, right? :slight_smile:

Absolutely! :slightly_smiling_face:

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