Mobile app remember login credentials option

I'd like to request a new feature for the mobile app.
I'd like it to have the option to remember the login credentials. I use the YaleApp which needs a manual token refresh every few days. Previously I used the same app in smartthings and used tasker and the autoinput plugin to automate this. But I can't do this with Hubitat as there is no option to remember the login. As the hub is fully accessible from my local network I want to make sure it's secure so require the login option to be enabled. On my phone I could use the phone screen lock to secure the app. This way I could still use tasker to automate the token refresh on my phone but keep the hub secure from other devices. I used to have a tasker profile that would automate the token refresh when the phone was first unlocked after a reboot or once a week there after.

Not if you enable authentication it's not. But even if it was, that would mean that someone already hacked onto your network. Your Hubitat is the thing you're most worried about?

Under Settings then Hub Logon Security:

I think you need to actually read my post!
I state that I do have authentication enabled but would like an option within the app so that it remembers the login credentials thus saving me having to enter them each time. In this scenario the security factor would be the under lying phone lock. I quite clearly state my reason for wanting this option, permitting me to automate the process of token renewal for an app using tasker. I simply wish to be able to provide some sort of protection to a device on my network, securing all other non secured entry points to it. Being a professional cyber intelligence analyst I am more than aware of ALL the risks, it is after all my source of income.

Hmm just noticed it actually opens the hub admin in a browser so maybe something I can do there.

Yep, all sorted using the chrome
/Google password manager. :slight_smile: