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With SmartThings I'm able to setup a routine that I can execute from an iPhone widget or within the mobile app. Specifically, it allows me to open or close the garage door, control lights, unlock doors, etc. This is especially important when the automation fails and human intervention is required. Will HE have the ability to open/close a garage door from within the app? (yes I'm going to ask), are there any estimated timeframes for the app release?

I know I'm just one person compared to the work that you have to complete to accommodate the masses, but this is kinda a big deal for my setup. The one thing I've learned about my home automation is that I have to build it around how the other people in the house do things, it doesn't work well when they have to adjust to the automation.
I'm really trying to (re)build a system that requires as little interaction as possible. You know, automation, not just a bunch of cool gadgets that require frequent manual interaction. I really want things to just happen - a simple example of that are the lights, they go on at the right time and off at the right time as people move around the house or doors are opened. We don't give it any thought, it just happens.

But, when things do fail, because we all know they will, the override/human interaction has to be simple, otherwise the users get frustrated and don't want me to do more. Hence the app is needed.

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Our dashboard application allows you to do this already, it provides both local and cloud availability.

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As @mike.maxwellsaid, Dashboard does exactly what you’re asking for. I’m honestly not having problems with automation failures, that don’t relate to things I’ve done that are a bit unorthodox to get my Insteon stuff in the mix, and so I expect an occasional failure due to syncing issues with that particular setup. Any of my Hue lights connected via the bridge integration, the “normal” Zigbee bulbs I have, and other devices like my August lock, which I’ve connected via the Homebridge integration adaptation by @tonesto7, are all working great!

By the way, if you’re an iOS family, that Homebridge dashboard it a great way to control Hubitat devices and HomeKit certified devices in one convenient place. I’m hopeful for official HomeKit and Insteon support at some point, so then I wouldn’t need Homebridge at all, but for now, it’s working well with Insteon, and flawlessly with Hubitat.

I'm a little confused about exactly how the dashboard works. Let's say I'm driving up to the house and the garage door doesn't open or a door doesn't unlock. Do I open the dashboard app on my iPhone and it displays the various tiles that I have setup?

I think I mistakenly viewed the dashboard as more of something that you would put on tablet for a wall mount.

I think I'm going to try Homebridge. As part of my move to HE I've also decided to try out HomeKit, it's missing a lot of features that I want, but it looks like Homebridge would get me a lot closer. Thanks!!

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You view it via browser. It’s mobile ready, so adapts automatically. Very easy to setup one to try it out. Just install the dashboard app in Hubitat and build a test dashboard so you can get a feel for it. There’s an icon for garage doors too.

Ah yes of course, that makes sense.

In iOS you can add the dashboard to your home screen via Safari and it opens in its own window. So quick access.

I was hoping that would be the case. Thanks!

You can do this in Android as well. :slight_smile:


You might use a dashboard on a tablet on a wall or coffee table or counter top, but you may also have a couple dashboards (you can create as many as you want) that you intend to use for monitoring on a computer (show me all the battery states of all devices) and ones you want to use on your phone (backups to thinks like garage doors and locks are great examples!). With the cloud link you can use it without being on your home's WiFi as well.

Another option is to use the original SamsungThings app to control Hubitat: [RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0

Thanks guys! I appreciate the information.