Mobile app presence detection has become erratic since yesterday

I'm using the Android app. Since yesterday, the app shows me as being "present", unless I manually send a geo event.

Background/unrestricted data is enabled for the app

The app has location permission enabled all the time

Physical activity is enabled - whatever that does

Nothing has changed on my phone since yesterday. In the screenshot above - my Alexa Presence and Life360 Presence are also phone-geofencing dependent, and they continue to work. And I haven't installed any new apps on my phone. Several apps were updated during that time, but I don't believe the Hubitat app was one of them.

What should I try? Delete app data & cache? Remove/re-install?


Try going into the device on the hub and click away, see if it updates tile?

I haven't noticed any problems recently, but after reading your post, I looked at the Debug Information in the mobile app and saw several errors for yesterday and this morning. There was always a successful geofence api posting within 10 seconds of an error, so maybe that's why I hadn't noticed.

Do you see anything odd in the Debug Info?

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I've seen the errors since I move over ( few weeks), sent a screenshot to HE support but not had anything back.
Mine works fine

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Bingo. Thanks!

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As we get older it is often hard to tell if we are present or not. My better half often needs to nudge me to see if I am still awake. :wink:


FYI - this resolved after a reboot. Back to working perfectly again!

Do you know if that works on a personal level. I sure could use a good reboot. :wink:

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