Mobile app "Physical Activity" permission on Android not documented?

On Android 10, just noticed the HE mobile app had permission to monitor "Physical Activity." This was enabled by default on my phone, I don't remember accepting that permission, but have to admit that I may have done so and forgotten.

I didn't find anything searching here, in the documentation, or on the HE app Google Play Store "Permissions" section.

What is the permission for, and what does it monitor - actual physical movement of my phone via gyros? Thanks.

The new version of the app can be in portrait or landscape mode. That is how it figures out you've rotated your device.

Also, you haven't accepted that permission. It's under "Denied". So, the app can't access that information. In fact, in order for the app to work, you don't need to grant that permission. It works just fine without it, you just won't be able to rotate your screen.


Thanks...had not seen that permission before.

The Physical Activity was enabled when I first discovered it. The reason it's denied in the screen cap is that I had just denied it.

I'm going to give the permission back to the app, I don't want it to feel like I don't love it. :wink:

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