Mobile App Notification Limit?

I am an Android user (Note 10+) and use a Samsung gear fit pro 2 watch for notifications.

For the most part I am pretty happy with the notifications I am getting from hubitat, through the hubitat app, but if I let my notifications pile up they seem to stop alerting me anymore until I clear them.

The magic number seems to be 24, or at least that is what my notification menu shows me when I notice then not working.

As soon as I clear them the next notification fires off and alerts me on my phone and watch as expected.

I am wondering if anyone else experiences this ?

Didn't see this. Although I've probably never reached that number!

Hi, I had same phone Note 10 plus, same problem , max is 24 HE notification ! Really annoying this.

Sounds like it is an Android limit.

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@chuck well that solves it... sorry I wasn't able to find that !!!
Thanks !!!

Has anyone found a workaround to this? Maybe some way to auto-dismiss notifications if they reach a certain number or after a certain amount of time? Hope someone has a decent workaround because this limit is getting annoying.

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