Mobile app manager warn log

I'm seeing a new warn log item in my logs that says "Excluded attribute eventDescription size of attribute > 1024 characters" and is associated with a system app of Mobile App Manager. What is causing this, and how do I fix it?

Nothing you can do to fix. What Mobile App are you using, Android or iOS?
cc: @moncho1138

I'm using Android

That could be related to a device with a long name. Mobile App Manager provides control to the devices shown on the Lights/Switches tab


It seems to have stopped. Thanks all!

In case anyone sees this thread...I found the app and device that was leading to surpassing the 1024 character limit. It's this app, and due to a huge calendar invite description in my Google calendar:

What I didn't figure out was why the mobile app was identifying it when none of my dashboards were setup to use that app's device (not just not used in a tile, but not reserved for use by any of the dashboards). If anyone has any thoughts on that part, please let me know?

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