Mobile App Keeps Crashing

I tried clearing the cache and data in app settings. I deleted the mobile device from hub devices. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled from the app store.

I open the app, click existing hub owner, enter email/pass, Login, choose one of my three hubs on the network, select my device (or create device).... and crash. Every time over and over.

I contacted Hubitat tech 2 days ago, still waiting for reply.

Anyone from Hubitat see this? Still trying to get this sorted out.

Did you get a support ticket confirmation? If not, your trouble ticket probably didn't go through.

I haven't seen this.

Maybe you could add some details about IOS/Android, what version the Hubitat app is on, and so on and see if someone has a suggestion.

I did get a case number from the automated system.

All three hubs are on,
Android app 1.6.0, supposedly the latest

I also went into the app permissions and enabled Location, but it seems to turn itself back off randomly.