Mobile app device status not acurate

I have a scene in the dashboard to turn all lights on or off in the house. if I turn all lights on using the scene in the dashboard and then go into device tab in the app, most devices will show as been off even if they are on. why?

if I go in a room in my house and confirm the light bulb is on and go into the app, under devices, see the device status is off and try to turn it on (while it actually on) the thing spins and and spins trying to turn on a device that is already on.

that seems like basic stuff I would expect to work... am I missing something?

Are the devices causing these issues Z-Wave (non plus) by any chance? If so, I wonder if they need to get the status back but aren’t getting it…

Are you seeing anything in your logs when you try this?

they are all zooz dimmers and keypad.
seems like a reboot after the fireware upgrade did the trick. I guess it reboots itself after a firmware upgrade, and needed a second reboot :slight_smile:
I didnt dig into it much, but looking at it quickly, looks good

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