Mobile App Defect Reporting


I've already noticed some bugs (reported/fixed) that were a difference between iOS and Android.

My company maintained two code bases for Android and iOS and we used to see similar bugs in one and not the other. We eventually got everything in Xamarin to maintain the code base in one spot and we STILL see the occasional bug that is for Android and not iOS.

I didn't know where to post this because this is just a clarification question so I know how to report more valuable information.

Are the mobile apps maintained separately or together?
Should I be testing functionality in both? This has seemed to be most valuable when I find a bug in Android and then don't find it on iOS.
Should I always be including iOS/Android when referencing defects?

Basically, I don't know if me catching those defects was blind luck or if this information was relevant/useful to you

With the mobile app I always qualify any bug by the OS, i.e. [Android], [iOS],[iPadOS]