Mobile app creates 2 devices

Installing hubitat mobile app on a android creates 2 "Mobile App Device" devices with same name and different network id. Happened this week with my new tablet and phone. After install, it gives me list of existing devices, I click "create new", as it's new device, and 2 of them gets created in Hubitat.

When you create the first device, this is the one you use going forward.
So lets say you don't have any devices created.
You create a new device on the app on your mobile.
If you then install the app on a tablet you select 'existing device' and use the device you created on your mobile. You would do this for any subsequent tablets/devices.
If you want to install the app on your partners mobile you can pick an existing device or a new device. If you select new device you will now have 2. You could then label these 'My Mobile' and the other one 'Partners Mobile'.
You can now send notifications to both mobiles if you wish.
I hope this makes sense. :wink:

Yeah, that is how it should work, but it doesn't.
I had 1 device - let's call it "OnePlus 5". That was all fine. I bought new phone and wanted it to be able to target notifications on it's own. So I selected "create new device". But as I said, the device is created 2x. So after this, I had 3 devices - "OnePlus 5", "OnePlus 9", and again "OnePlus 9". Then I installed Hubitat app on tablet. Again - to target it seprtely on notification - "create new device". Again the same bug, creted it twice. So now I have "OnePlus 5", "OnePlus 9", "OnePlus 9", "Tablet", "Tablet"

Ah. OK I see what you are saying now.
Not seen that one before. I would suggest you attach some logs so that support can see what is happening when you create a device but it actually creates 2 devices.

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