Mobile app crashing

I updated the HE Mobile app on android to 1.6.8 yesterday and now it crashes right after the splash screen and the tools page opens. Basically disappears after the Tools page loads. Anyone else having this problem? Running Android 10.
A fix?

Uninstall app. Reboot phone. Reinstall app. Does that fix it?

No. Loads the login page then lets me pick my phone as a device, then crashes.
Is there a copy of the previous version I can use?

I had saved a shortcut to the devices page on my phone. That still opens ok and I can access the hub from there. The new version of the app crashes if I try to load it from the icon that gets installed with the app.

Found a app mirror site, downloaded 1.6.7 and all is well again :slight_smile:

What device?

Tagging @moncho1138.

Motorola One Zoom Android 10 rooted

Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just my phone?

No issues here. I have been on 1.6.8 forever, probably like 6 months at this point.