Mobile app cannot control local devices w/o Internet

The mobile app (even if it is connected to the home network via WiFi) asks for login credentials. If the home network is disconnected from the Internet, one cannot login, and therefore cannot access the hub (connected to the local network).
Furthermore, if the local network is disconnected from the Internet, the mobile app cannot control the devices, as all the control seems to go through the cloud,
In other words, no Internet connectivity --> no control of devices on the local network.
The mobile app (once one logged in) has an option to search for a hub on the local network. This search never ends.
This is the ios app version 1.2.7, build 137.
I would expect to be able control my local devices on my local network, if the app is connected via WiFi to the same network, even if the local network is not connected to the Internet.

Go to Apps > Hubitat Dashboard > Dashboard Menu and Link
Get the Local Link for your dashboard, and bookmark it on your mobile browser. You can even set it as an icon on your home screen in iOS (probably in Android also).
This will be MUCH faster than opening the dashboard through the app as well. This is what I used to use before I setup Homebridge, now I use the Homekit dashboard.

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Thanks, this is very useful! And it works without internet connectivity.

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