Mobile app, cannot claim hub

Hi guys,

I'm an absolute newbie into HE. I recently got the C-7 hub, now I've got the problem that the mobile can find the hub, but on the overview, where I need to claim it, the 'claim-button' is black but it won't work.
I neither found any solutions in the community forum.
Is there any suggestion or tip, what I can try?

Thx for the help and sorry for my bad English!

Many times it’s a browser issue, may need to use a PC and Chrome or FireFox…

Thx for the quick response. I tried it as well well on my pc, where it also shows up the hub. When I try to connect to it, it shows me that the website is unreachable.

@bobbyD any ideas?

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Can you go to the hub ip? or the hubip:8081?

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Mind sharing what is the color of the LED on the hub? If it's blue, and you didn't do so already, please send us an email at along with your hub's MAC address and purchase order details (if you didn't purchase from our store).

The hub always turns green after 1-2 mins, it's connected. That is not the problem.

I cannot enter the overlay of the hub. Or what you mean by that?

That's great news. Thanks for the update. Please see my private message.

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