Mobile app 2.0 and Easy Dashboard questions

I installed the new app a while ago.
Was not impressed.
Tried it again.
Not impressed.

  1. I entered the URL for my EZ dashboard "Enable Custom Dashboard". I figured new app, it must support EZ dashboards. EZ dashboards work on my Mac under Sonoma, but do not work on ANY mobile device using any browser. So, new app must be made for it. Wrong. New app also displays a hodgepodge mess of my buttons compared to what I see under Sonoma. So, new app and still EZ dashboards are useless other than at my desk on my Mac.
  2. The new app experience. Well, at one point I think I was able to view my classic dashboards, but if so that is an unreproducible event. Therefore, new app disappoints in every respect.

So, what value is the new app and what value are EZ dashboards?

I've been with Hubitat for years, suddenly it seems the future looks grim.
Will there be fixes or is time to rethink my entire home alarm & control system?

Am I going to be stuck on the old soon to be unsupported app?

Color me puzzled.
What should be my expectations of the new app and EZ dashboards?

Has the summer heat fried some brains? [I grew up in Tucson]

I'm not clear on what's happening for you: if you are using a custom URL for dashboards, that is what is going to show up -- not Hubitat Dashboard. If you clear that setting, what is supposed to show up is a list of all of your dashboards, both Hubitat Dashboard and Easy Dashboard. But you won't get all, at least not easily, by way of a custom URL.

As for your Easy Dashboard problem itself, it sounds like it might be a layout problem, or maybe local vs. cloud URLs or network issues. It's always good to explain what "not working" means in your particular case since that provide more information about what might really be going on. There are many options to configure layout, including both fixed and responsive width. It's hard to say anything without knowing more or seeing screenshots, but you might want to start a new topic in the Easy Dashboard category for more help there if you need it.

Regarding the new app itself, there are a few problems some people have reported that are being looked into, some different between iOS and Android. So, I said "supposed to" above for that reason -- depending on what's really happening, yours might be one of those.

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You explained my confusion on where my dashboards went.

Sill not clear how/when/why to use "Enable Custom Dashboard".
Not clear from during/from my experiments with EZ dashboards what is local vs cloud. Mine is certainly local. However, see the iPad screen capture, why does it say "" in the URL bar? Is it cloud or not? Confusing. What limitation(s) cloud or local implies is not clear.

Here is my EZ dashboard from Chrome under Sonoma. Looks same under Safari.

Now look at it under Chrome iPadOS

This is what I see on all other, mostly mobile devices. Same in bowser on my Pi 4 under Bullseye.
Why does it looks so different?
Not what I expected.
Same kind of issue under old Hubitat app and even new Hubitat app.

Never, unless you want to use a dashboard option that is not built-in to Hubitat. For reference: anything that is built-in is something you can get to from the Dashboards link on the left-side menu of your hub UI (the actual admin interface, not the mobile app). This would include Hubitat Dashboard and Easy Dashboard.

Some users prefer a third-party solution, like SharpTools, ActionTiles, or something self-hosted. While you don't have to enable this feature even then, if you do, it lets you specify a URL to navigate to (such as one of these options) instead of the built-in dashboard list from your hub.

Some questions that will help clarify:

How did you get to this webpage?

What makes you think it is "certainly local"?

Anything with in the URL is certainly cloud. Cloud and local are substantially similar in functionality, aside from the fact that cloud dashboards naturally require the Internet. Local dashboards are served directly from your hub and work over your own LAN (and only over your own LAN unless you have some solution for that, such as a VPN). Local dashboards might refresh a bit faster and at least with Easy Dashboard permit full editing like adding/removing devices. The mobile app Dashboards tab should automatically switch between the two as your current network requires. This distinction mostly matters if you use the dashboard URL yourself for access via some other means, like a web browser of your own choice (which is by no means as odd as I'm making it sound--this is what people did before the mobile app existed at all!).

Dashboards are ultimately just a webpage -- no matter how you access them (the app or a browser directly), it's unlikely to affect how they render. Why yours are different I can't explain, aside from the fact that it one browser or OS is a relatively old version, it may not support all the features Easy Dashboard needs. Alternatively, it's possible they have different screen sizes and your layout is responding according to your configuration options. Check the layout settings in the dashboard options (gear icon in the bottom left if the dashboard is unlocked) to experiment:
Screenshot of "Show layout" options in Easy Dashboard

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Thanks. I have a better understanding of custom dashboard, not at all what I expected from the name, but a useful addition I may one day find useful. This resolved a major issue with the new app.

My iPad, iOS phone, and even my Pi 4 are running the latest software from respective providers.

I have never explored screen/window size effects until now. Just enlarging window size triggers a change of the EZ dashboard that mimics the what I see on other devices. So, bravo there, you nailed it.

This is unexpected. The old dashboards don't do this, you simply scroll/move the screen around to see the hidden material. That is the what I do on the iPhone and iPad with my old style dashboards. This is natural.

The option setting is to fix screen size vs. scrolling is an odd workaround.

My EZ dashboard is wide, over the 2-12 columns option, that option setting is something I never noticed before,
I may have to narrow my EZ dashboard to accommodate the limitation.

Why this limitation exists vs window scrolling as in old dashboards is unexpected and odd.

So, the new app is now acceptable andI'll try to migrate to it.

EZ dashboards are another matter. They seem to need some development or I need multiple EZ dashboards, different ones for different devices. Unexpected. Not natural.


Responsive design is a new feature in Easy Dashboard, brought about by popular request from users who didn't like that they either had to create separate Hubitat Dashboards for each device or deal with awkward (to most people) techniques like horizontal scrolling -- or, I guess, extremely small tiles with auto-sizing.

There are some options to customize its behavior and perhaps you'll find one that suits your desires. But there's no reason to use Easy Dashboard if Hubitat Dashboard meets your needs. It's not going away, and the mobile app lets you easily access both.

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That responsive design feature is not mentioned in the EZ dashboard introductory page.

Where that page discusses "What's the difference between Hubitat Dashboard and Easy Dashboard?" it omits mention of this major difference. As it is so unlike our loved old style dashboards, it ought to be highlighted.

EZ dashboards offered a few interesting visual improvements that I experimented with. I liked some changes. I was just shocked at the differences in appearance on different devices, so unlike original dashboards.

Switched to the desktop layout for my first EZ and changed my expectations.

I am not a beta tester but since the announcement the the current App will be removed on July 31st I went ahead and Installed the new Android 2.0.1 App from the Link provided on the Play Store and uninstalled the old App.

I want to install the updated Android version 2.0.2 but when going to the Play store link the only option is to OPEN the app. How do I get the Updated version with being a beta tester?

there are 2 different apps in the store. The one that says open is already installed. You need to scroll down in the store app and you should find it.