MMwave Apolle MTR-1 sensor

So theres seems to be alot of up and downs on all mmwave sensors around. Have anyone tried the Apollo MTR-1 sensor?, it seems to work in HA, but will this work in Hubitat as well?

I was looking into the MOES ES1 sensor, but I read it overload the zigbee network very easily

Let me hear people recommendations for MMwave sensors

This is the same sensor as the Linptech ES1. There is a built in Hubitat driver for it. It isn’t as chatty if you cover the lux sensor. The only downside to these is that they occasionally go unresponsive and need power cycled.

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yes I read they are simular, but are very heavy on zigbee network:

I need sensors that dont drop off, Ill be gone from my home for several weeeks and will need MMwave sensors that stay connected, I my motion sensors from Hue and Aeotec (multisensor 7) these have been rock solid, if Hue made a mmwave sensor, I would grab it in a hearbeat

Some of the information in this article is not quite correct... And SHS is totally wrong about the Linptech sensor - it is one of the least spammy mmWave sensors, if compared to other Tuya-based devices, Tuya ZY-M100-L is a typical example. I think SHS has mixed some things up.

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I see, so just so we are clear, the linptech and the moes sensor are totally the same right?
Im looking to buy like 5 of these sensors to install, theres a great dela on aliexpress for 5,I just dont want to wreck my zigbee network with overspamming sensors
Ken_Fraleigh mentioned the linptech sensor sensor have built in hubitat driver? can you confirm that? if so I assume the moes sensor does as well?

Yes, the Linptech (available on Amazon) and the Moes (available on AliExpress) sensors are one and the same.

There is one new mmWave sensor mentioned in the same article, which seems to be very good and not spammy - the 2xAAA baattery-powered mmWave+PIR sensor.

AliExpres: Haozee (link)

If you are not in a big hurry, better get one of these and one Moes/Linptech and decide which model best suits your needs to purchase later in a bulk.

Yes, there is both a HE stock / inbuilt driver for the Linptech/Moes, and also two custom/community drivers - you can choose which one to use.

yes I read about the battery operated one as well, so I found this link on alixpress for 5 sensors for this package deal, seems its from moes warehouse our something, so this could be a good dela I think, about 100 usd for the 5:!DKK!384.58!135.78!!!405.16!143.05!%402103244417177854590588802e02dc!12000036118000971!sea!DK!0!AB&curPageLogUid=PsO7lVco6BSZ&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A

So I may go for these, although they seem to drop off the grid here and there,whats you experience with these sensors?

I have never had lockup or drop-off problems with my Moes mmWave sensor, but I have only one such device , and every environment is different.

yes ofcourse, I do have a strong network i think in my home, so now I grabbed 3 moes sensors and also got attracted to this new sensor, i so grabbed 3 of these as well:!DKK!255.76!71.34!!!37.32!10.41!%402101f08717177879629332604e958b!12000038933430726!sea!DK!0!AB&curPageLogUid=7g6ifs53gmzq&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A#nav-review

it says it should work on hubitat as well, so that will remain to be seen

heres a few screen shots to check

Uhhh.... these are NOT the battery-powered 24GHz+PIR sensors?

yes I know, I also grabbed a few of the battery driven pir/mmwave sensors you linked, I wanna check few of these out as well, the Haozee sensor (battery) I assume it will be to be added as a tuya device in hubitat?,

If you have the custom Tuya mmWave driver installed in advance, and if these devices' fingerprints are known, they should be recognized and configured automatically.

If it is a new manufacturer, most probably the default 'device' driver will be assigned. I will need the device fingerprint to add it into the custom driver.

I got you, when you are talking about device fingerprint, what do you mean or need? I can send the info to you, when I get the devices in, I ordered both devices from Haozee, battery and usb driven
I can send you want you want from both.
ragarding the moes ES1 sensor, would you recommend the official driver or custom driver?

I will recommend the HE official driver because it shall be the Hubitat support answering questions if something is not working as expected... :grin:

Otherwise, for the Tuya custom driver, it will be me... :thinking:

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awesome! when i have the sensors in, Ill contact you
thanks for input, it will be interesting to see these 3 different sensors in action

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Mine locks up every few weeks which is quite annoying. It does reset easily after a power cycle though. Any ideas on a way to resolve this perhaps? Is there a way to reboot it automatically?

What do you mean by ‘locking up’ - the sensor does not respond to any commands (Ping for example), or it does not return to motion inactive state?

I think that when the sensitivity or the maximum distance parameters are changed, the sensor performs some kind of internal re-calibration. Set up a RM5 rule to change the sensitivity every day at fixed hours - lesss sensitive at day hours and more sensitive at the night hours. See the possible custom command ‘SetPar’ parameters in the live logs tab when you click on the button.

dev:41982024-06-12 06:31:00.075infoMOES (Linptech) Radar setPar: 'parameter' must be one of these : [fadingTime, motionDetectionDistance, motionDetectionSensitivity, staticDetectionSensitivity, ledIndicator]

The custom action 'SetPar' requires two parameters of a type STRING - the first is the name of the parameter (the Preference), the second is the value.

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Hi, I'll take a look at your guidance so thanks in advance. By locking up, I'm refering to the state sticking in the motion or no motion state :+1: