ML - Manual Off Event Subscription Issue


I'm on release, I'm having issues in ML where the Event Subscription is not removing for the "Don't turn on if turned off manually" if I disable this option.



Event Subscriptions:

So far what I tried is I already toggled this feature on, hit Done to save changes then toggled off, hit Done to save the changes to that ML Rule. I also did a Soft Reset then Restore just incase of DB corruption even though I never saw any errors indicating that but didn't help either. I know this started before the 131 release though, I've noticed it for while now but at first thought maybe it was my sensors or something else but I didn't have a chance till now to troubleshoot more.

I can't remember when I disabled that option, probably was a few weeks ago if I remember right since I decided I didn't want this option enabled anymore, probably has been an issue since then.

I will look into this.

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BTW, this is total overkill and isn't really useful in dealing with this sort of issue. Hitting Done in an app is pretty much all that needs to be done.

I believe I have found the root cause of this problem, and a fix will be forthcoming. It appears that if it was in the state where it had been turned off manually when you changed the toggle, it was stuck there. That's fixed. Please check again after the next release comes out. In the meantime, the work-around is to only change that toggle when it has not recently been turned off manually.


Confirmed that the last update fixed this issue so far and the subscription did remove when I went into the ML Rule and hit Done.

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