Mixing Z-Wave Plus and Zwave

I just purchase a zwave controled power strip that functions as a repeater

everything else I have is Zwave Plus

on a scale of 1 being kill it with fire and 10 being best thing ever how bad is it to add this to my network it will be the only Zwave device and as far from my hub as possible.

thanks in advance

Which one?

Distance doesn't make a difference. The devices choose how they want to route, it could be anywhere in the network.

Generally speaking, you will have a better experience with Zwave plus. For one thing, it can report when it is switched on and off, non-plus usually does not. Speed is slower, range is less.

And why would you buy an out of date protocol when everyone else is trying to dump these old things?

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I screwed up :slight_smile:

this one

So you want to bring a bicycle to a formula one race? I would return the power strip instead of risking my sanity/network stability.

Well that depends if I have permission to come back laughing like a hyena at you when you're posting about devices not responding :wink:

The headaches mixing old and new is not worth it.


I suspected as much back it goes

Thanks everyone

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So what do you want, or need? Do you want a power strip, a repeater, or something else?

I want a z-wave power strip it would be nice if it had controllable usb ports too but not mandatory. I need at least 4 plugs

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The Zooz power strip has 5 controlled outlets and 2 monitored but not controlled USB outlets. It costs a bit more than the one you were looking at on Amazon. It goes on sale frequently but doesn’t seem to be right now. I want one but do not have one yet. I do have a ton of other Zooz items and they work really well. It’s also Z wave plus and has power reporting and remembers On/Off state after power loss. Check out The smartest house for all the Zooz stuff.


What did it say?
Did I not personally tell you to stick with Z-wave plus?
@pat.richards .. I'm crushed.
You didn't believe me? snif


@april.brandt You did unfortunately after I ordered and I couldn't cancel it in time :frowning:

booooy ,... I'll let you off this time .... Don't let it happen again

nah - wait ... i want proof of purchase .. timestamped ...

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Since it's Amazon, you could always do a return :wink:


At the risk of incurring the wrath of @april.brandt and enduing the hyena like laughter of @jeubanks :slight_smile:

What if I got one of these


and tasmotized it?

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It would have no impact on your zwave network.

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right I know it's a wifi device

I did that w/ a similar Pinlo power strip and then used the HTTP Get driver for each button so the power strip is 4 separate devices.

If you install the latest Tasmota 8.3, the power button on the device will support multi-taps so physically pressing once toggles button 1, physically pressing twice toggles button 2, etc.

No energy metering, and more importantly no UL Certification on the device (only a "UL-approved" power cord).....

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